Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today's Run OR Proud of My Miss

Really good run. Every run interval was solid; the times when I wanted to cut it short, the training prompted me to take a walk break. The cool thing was that all my walk breaks aligned with dicey terrain that I probably would have walked for safety's sake. And I pretty much timed the end of my cool down perfectly to my front door.

Wow, was it cold! I was not sorry for my jacket, nor did I remove the Bondiband from covering my ears.

I fear this week I'm probably going to miss my Sunday long run, as it is a Reserves weekend and we have a get-together in the evening. I do, however, have an opportunity for a family fitness event on Saturday with Miss; it's a two-mile walk/fill-a-passport-full-of-stamps-to-get-free-entrance-to-the-zoo thing. Miss will be running a 1K at the same time I'm running my 5K beginning of December, so we're trying to get her in the mode to move.

As a side note, Miss just finished her soccer session and was still excited about it.* Ditto karate; Mister was telling me that her horse stance was one of the most solid in the class. Mister was also telling me that while they were waiting for karate to start, she was running around the track; at least the bottom half of her is in great form.

I'm proud of her, not because I expect to her to be a top athlete but that she's not afraid of sports like I was. I want her to try.

* At one point last year, she wanted to quit dance because "it put darkness in her heart."