Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today's Run OR Consistency

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Since my brain cannot be trusted to work with my body, I went back to the 1-1 training. Not stellar, but pretty consistent. Thanks to hormonal flux, my water weight is up and my joints feel loose. I'm participating in World Run Day on Sunday; I'm hoping I can get my time down again.

But here's where I'm proud of myself--or forcing myself to be proud of myself: my consistency rocks. I get up. I go. Period. And that adds up.

Another thing that adds up: my consistent mileage. I have to remind myself that a half hour used to mean a mile and a half. Then it meant two miles. Now it's at least two and a half miles. And this will continue.

If I'm being repetitive, it's because I'm constantly having to remind myself of my progress. Otherwise, I have a tendency to get discouraged by the Big Picture.

I'm also grateful for the consistent diminishing of the Child's Halloween haul. Between her and her parents' sneaking, all the good stuff is gone. It's easier for me to resist pretzels.*

One last thought on consistency: I think I'm beginning to see a bit of wear in my running shoes. There's the start of a teeny hole on the top of the right shoe. The padding still seems to be okay, but my calves hurt a bit with each run in a way that I think may be the shoes rather than me. For as much as I shilled out for them, I was hoping they'd last a little longer. Maybe now that I know what shoes are supposed to feel like, I can find last year's version of this year's shoe at a cheaper price.(Running a cheap sport? My ever-tightening fanny!)

* Who the hell gives out pretzels for Halloween? That's only a step up from pennies!