Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Holiday Wish List

This is not on the list, but who am I
to deny the joy of giving?
It suddenly occurred to me that the holidays (and, consequently, my birthday) are right around the corner. Along with the panic that I should have started my holiday knitting on 26 December 2011, I've been bulking up my Pinterest with gift ideas and having Miss start looking through catalogs. At the same time, I've been cleaning up my Amazon and Etsy wish lists so people can easily shop for me.

I used to act all contrite and blushing when it came to gift receiving. But my mom used to say, "Do you want what you want, or do you want to be surprised?" Since I want it all, I just make lists and let the gifts fall where they may.

Here are a few things on my list--either to gift me or yoink for your own wish list:

1. Wonder Woman jewelry - I've decided to make WW jewelry a Thing, especially at work. Inspiration, if you will.

2. Sparkle Skirt gift certificate

3. Arm warmers from Groovy Baby Action Gear - I know she has my measurements on hand. Any of her styles are amazing. Did I mention she's offering a special coupon through this blog?

4. Bondiband headband - I love this, but any of them, really.

5. Fox socks - Foxes are a Thing with me as well. But again, any of the novelty socks here work for me.

6. This bracelet 

7. This shirt (2X)

8. This rack for holding race medals*

9. A race registration from Run 4 Bling

10. For you to run a race, participate in a walk … move! (Because I love you. And this makes me sound altruistic, doesn't it?)

What am I missing?

* Heh, heh. She said, "Rack."