Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Today's Run OR Upping the Intervals

As is common to this part of the world, temps went from low 80s yesterday to mid 50s today. When I left the house, there was a cold mist and wind that made me almost reconsider going out in the first place. Glad I did. Was even more glad for my Bondiband. (Dear Santa, please send more! All the colors!)

I nudged my intervals up from 1 min run/1 min walk to 1.5 min run/1 min walk. Seemingly minimal (and something I had sort of done before), but it was time to push myself. Of course, not every interval was completely running (partially due to traffic), but I see that I will be able to get it done to my satisfaction.

It feels foolish to admit these tiny goals. I'm basically repeating the original C25K training. One of the things I didn't like the first time around was that I couldn't repeat any of the runs; I felt forced to move forward before I was solid. I want to be a confident runner (if that's possible).