Monday, November 19, 2012

Today's Run OR Thanksgiving Week

After scrolling through a bunch of run and race reports yesterday, my heart wanted to RUN! I was, however, still a little sore after Saturday's excursion with Miss to Hermann Park and the zoo.* Plus, I have a virtual race on Thanksgiving morning, which means timing my runs. Would a swim be more beneficial?

Turns out the pool at the Y is having maintenance (glad I found out before I arrived). Run it is!

Great run (except for issues with my GPS)! Again, solid run intervals. At the beginning I thought, I can go longer than this! Toward the end, I was counting down for each interval, but they were completed. Says to me two things: 1) don't blow out at the beginning; and 2) it's time to up the intervals.

I'm not sure how to plan the rest of my week, though. Maybe a short, easy run tomorrow; walk on Wednesday; virtual race on Thursday; possible family activity on Friday (but what?); pre-work walk on Saturday (or maybe rest).

* If I was tired, I can only imagine what her little legs and feet were like. She did clunk out on the drive home and slept very well that night. I am probably underestimating her.