Sunday, September 30, 2012

Today's Run OR Best Guesses

I love my Bondiband.
Today was supposed to be the longest run of this training--3.5 miles. I'm going to have to guess that I did this, as the GPS never kicked in.* This was both good and bad. Bad, in that I don't know my stats precisely. Good, in that ... I don't know my stats precisely. I had to trust my instincts and previous data. I know I had good running intervals. I know about how long it is to certain points in the neighborhood from former runs and walks. I know I made it to checkpoints in better time than I did last week. I am bugged by the impreciseness, but I'm going to let it go in favor of my larger sanity.

A friend of mine wrote a great post on Facebook about "just a little more." That was one of the coaches in my head. The other coach was sweet Bella, looking back with her open-mouth doggie grin, "C'mon, Momma! Let's keep going!"

So, GPS be damned: I keep going.

27 days until race day.

* I manually entered the data on Runkeeper to my best guess. The map is nearly impossible to manipulate.