Sunday, September 9, 2012

Today's Run (or I've Done It This Time)

Today was to be a distance run--2 miles + warm up/cool down. Except that the update to Runkeeper doesn't have an intuitive way to add in the warm up. I'm going to have to investigate here.

The run was going pretty well, but halfway through, I ran into a guy with two dogs--a basset hound and a white dog. He had been going along when the white dog had joined him. The dog seemed to enjoy our company more, so she hooked up with us. I kept expecting her to break off and head toward home. The farther we got the more she kept up with us, orbiting my heels. I ran into the guy with the basset again and told him I would take her on home and figure out what to do from there--at least get her safe.

I got to the door, and asked Mister for the key to the back yard gate. He ... wasn't too happy. Little Miss asked me what her name was. I let slip the name that I had been rolling around in my head. Mister was even less happy; a name is nothing but trouble, after all. We went on to church.

That afternoon, I made posters and plastered them around the neighborhood. I met a really nice family along the way who live in a nearby apartment complex who took one for their bulletin board. While I got in an extra mile and a half, I was trying to disassociate myself from her, try not to get attached.

Too late. Too late.

She's very, very sweet--affectionate, responsive to body language. She and Bella get along well (of course, Bella gets along well with all creation), and she has made friends with the neighbor dogs as well. She and  Miss played together well. She has been negotiating with our kitty, Diana; so far, Diana is coming out on top.

She is very thin; I can feel her ribs predominately. After some coaxing, she has been eating and drinking; in fact, she hasn't stopped at every chance she gets. I figure she's a puppy by the size of her ears and gangly legs. By all appearances, unspayed and most likely not chipped. We will get her checked out tomorrow. We'll also see what CAP says about what to do with her. Mister bathed her, but she wasn't all that dirty to begin with. We borrowed a crate from a good friend to give her a secure, safe place for the night.

Mister is beginning to cave. He says we'll give it a week--see if all goes well, see if anyone contacts us.

At this writing, she's sleeping at my feet. I'm trying to keep her name in my back pocket so my heart doesn't break too much if it doesn't work out.

Too late.