Monday, September 3, 2012

Today's Walk (or Moving to My Own Beat)

Kept it easy today, as parts of me are still sensitive and it's Hot as Monkey.TM But I wanted to get out today because there will be some schedule hiccups later on this week.

Normally when I go out, I listen to the local NPR station; the reminders of time keep me on track for the rest of the day. But since today is a holiday, I popped on the Tarkan Station on Pandora; this usually gives me a nice blend of drum solo dance instrumentals. I have dabbled in belly dancing now and again. While I was too out of breath to ululate, there may have been a hip bump. And a snake arm. And a camel. Of course, not while anyone was looking. I think.

The couple folks I did run into gave me odd smiles. It took me a minute to realize that I was still wearing a flower that my daughter insist I put in my hair. I was so busy looking for my earbuds, I had forgotten to take it out before I left the house.

No shame, no gain, right?