Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today's Run OR Managing Mojo

Today was another one of those days where I thought I sucked but the numbers were okay. I knew I had to really move simply because I had a finite amount of time to get this run in, get myself ready, assist getting Miss ready, and getting out the door. This week I have felt like a slug, but I attribute much of that to puppy scheduling* and the return of humidity.

The need to change up to my routine is becoming more and more evident. I know I really should only run 3 days a week. I know I need a rest day. That leaves 3 days of seeking out other activities. There are videos, yes, but mentally I need to leave the house. There's walking, but I'm getting bored with that now.** I've been reading both Slow Fat Triathlete books, as well as talking to some folks, and getting ideas. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to get to the Y in the predawn and see about getting a swim in.***

Race day in one month exactly.

* Baby Anything--puppies, kittens, humans--means a run of sleepless nights. Or maybe that's just me.
** Granted, most of my runs are still walking, but we're going to ignore that.
*** I also see that there's a cycling class early on Wednesday, but that's a full hour; I'd really have to think through the logistics. Let's just start with the swimming.