Thursday, September 20, 2012

Today's Run (or More Gratitude)

Not much to say about the run itself this morning. The temperature was actually a little cool; the older couple I usually meet on my cool down were nicely layered. The runs are beginning to get easier, although I still have to work at running the entire interval.

Fall is here--at least momentarily--and that makes me happy. I want all the pumpkin-flavored things!

After a hiccup of getting pedometers out to everyone, the Get Fit on Route 66 program is happening in earnest at work. I hear the subtle click of pedometers everywhere. In the program, we "start" at Chicago, and every 100 steps equals a virtual mile (with a goal of 213,300 steps by the end of the program). My job is actually pretty active when I work public service desks; I average about 5000 steps or so each day. Add in when I park and walk from the garage. Add in my morning activities. I'm pretty sure I'm going to zip through this thing. The ticker below shows my total as of last night.

With this morning's run, and I've "passed" St. Louis, MO. Since Mister is a volunteer, he's allowed to play along. It's not really a race,* but I'm smoking him on this one. I also momentarily weigh less than he does; eventually, this will always be the case.

One more thing to be grateful about: My hairdresser took some pictures of Little Miss and me when we went  in for a haircut.** Right after noticing how gorgeous my Miss is, I thought, "Hey look! I'm getting my jawline back!" It's not really about the weight loss--it's about being strong and healthy and confident. But the weight loss is a huge boost in all of these arenas.

Tomorrow, though, rest. Saturday, easy walk. Distance run (3 mi) on Sunday.

* Yes, it is.
** Lisa Whitlock of Hair Psychiatry is a whirlwind of a woman. Not only does she get my hair right every. single. time. at a price I can afford, she also has sidelines as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator (among other celebrities) and a photographer. She has offered to take pics of me in my Wonder Woman costume, and I'm going to take her up on it.