Sunday, December 23, 2012

Race Report: Santa Hustle 5K

Beard and hat
part of the packet
Charity: Toys for Tots
Finish Time: 0:42:02 

I was a little nervous about this race because I anticipated many possible hiccups that thankfully never happened--between Groupon redemption, hotel reservations, meeting up with friends, and dog-sitting, everything went pretty smooth sailing. The other worry was, of course, me still getting over the sick. I woke up feeling pretty good--and then started coughing.

The show must go on.

I made some modifications to the Wonder Woman costume to be appropriately Christmas-like by adding sleeves, long pants, and put the tiara on the Santa hat. I was very pleased with the results, as I fit in with the spirit of the event while still being true to my personal theme. It generated more than a few encouraging cheers and photographs, which pleases my ridiculously exhibitionist soul.

Sea of Santas
As for the race itself, it was kind of ... inspiring. I'll wait until official chip time, but I think I actually made a PR! Update: The chip time was not a PR, but it was the best of the month. (It did take us a couple minutes to actually cross the start line once we got started.) It was an out-and-back route, which spooked me a little at first. But, for some reason, the mile markers didn't seem quite so far apart. Coming back, there seemed to be quite a sizable crowd behind us, which let me know we were pretty mid-pack. I wished the water stations had been a little more spread out (I was pretty dehydrated at the beginning with all my mucus and stuff; I know I should start carrying water, but I'm embarrassed to do that for less than a 10K). Toward the end, traffic was getting a little unruly too. But strong finish, all told!

But here are some people who were the real inspirations of this race:

1. My Mister

Just like my birthday race, Mister coached me through (and all while having some of the crud himself). When I felt like I couldn't run any more, he set a timer for us to walk for only two minutes. Then he would set landmarks as goals. This went back and forth throughout the run, and I loved his company.

We both agree, however, that he's going to have to be more of a hard ass with me next time.

2. My friend, Antoinette

She, too, had been pretty sick this past week. Yet, she did the half-marathon (her first) in a little over three hours! (WOOT! WOOT!) She's the kind of runner I want to grow up to be. (Plus, she's encouraging and way fun.)

I'm also HUUUUUGELY grateful to her husband and boys for letting our Miss hang out with them while her daddy and I ran together. The original plan was to plop her in the jogging stroller (she still fits), but I think she had much more fun this way. (I'm not sure the same can be said of Tristan; thanks a million, man!)

3. This guy

Seriously, after seeing him, what excuse can I possibly have not to keep going and try harder.

I'll see you with my shoes on tomorrow.