Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Grounded OR Excessive Coughing Counts as Ab Work, Right?

I apologize for my silence--not that anyone's really complaining. It's been a combination of Reserves weekend + child sick + me sick that's cut into my training. I thought I would be better enough to get at least a walk in this morning, but last night was horrible--congestion and shakes. When I took an ibuprofen this morning, my body was covered in sweat within five minutes from fever breaking. It seems that Mister is starting to get a bit of it too. We could roll with it were we not doing the Santa Hustle in Galveston this weekend.

December has been a bad month for races.

On the up-side, Miss had her karate award ceremony last night. It was cool watching her practice her stances and blocks, as well as demonstrate Stranger Danger defense moves.

Meditate on this!
What really impressed me was ansa, or when all the kids sat cross-legged, eyes closed, hands still while the Sifu provides distractions with loud noises and close passes. Of course, my girl was not the stillest of creatures in comparison to the rest of the class. But I appreciate that her Sifu pointed out that everyone comes to the ansa at their own pace, and she had made great strides from the beginning. Of all the reasons that I wanted her to do karate, I wanted her to develop the practice of stillness, as I think it will help with her perfectionism. Now that I have the vocabulary, I'm going to try to do this stance with her frequently; like a fire drill, we've got to practice when we're calm so we know what to do when in danger of falling apart.

Nevertheless, the girl leveled up to yellow belt. Really proud of her.

Now if we all could only get well...