Saturday, December 8, 2012

Race Report: Rudolph Fun Run

Charity: Houston Food Bank
Finish Time: 0:45:12

In a lot of ways, this is a race that almost didn't ... or maybe shouldn't have ... happened.

The zen from last night melted away with many anxiety dreams of not being able to find my costume, not finding the starting line, missing the starting time, etc. I awoke with a very productive cough--if there's a part of the body that's like a TARDIS (aka bigger on the inside), it's got to be the sinuses based on all that came out of me.

There's an Easter Egg here
for comic book fans!
We got there in plenty of time--or we would have if they hadn't decided to start 20 minutes earlier than the posted time. The start was squishy until everyone managed to space themselves out. In terms of running my level, this race was good for that--many people pushing themselves who looked like me, many families. I didn't feel intimidated. I found a woman in a blue shirt that I used to set my pace, since her runs and walks seemed to match mine. All that being said, I ended up walking more than running. And my phone fell out of my pocket in the first half mile (I got it immediately), which threw me a bit; I may have to Spi belt it in the future.

The course itself was very pretty, all neighborhoods. Only one water station that needed trash bins nearby. Cute signs showing the mile marks; I tried to be encouraged, but all I could think was, THAT WAS WAY LONGER THAN A MILE!

Lots of great Christmas costumes, and great responses to my WW costume. At one point, one the HPD officers asked me what my costume had to do with Christmas. "How do you think it all gets done?" I quipped back.

At least there were medals.
Pushed it a little at the end to make a decent finish shot. Mister and Miss were hanging out after having done her 1K. I admit to being disappointed but not surprised by my time (after I got past feeling like I had to throw up a little). It was okay. Just not as good as I had hoped.

Then we got the call from our emergency contact that our alarm had gone off and the fire department was on its way to our house. And just when I thought I couldn't run any more. False alarm--all okay.

Now to spend the rest of the weekend recovering and doing Christmas-type things. Next race: Santa Hustle in Galveston on the 23rd.