Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#July100Miles: Week 3

Less than a marathon to go at this writing.

At this point, I've settled into a routine for the most part. I'm still a little ahead of the game, so I was able to sneak in another rest day. Still hurts, especially my butt (what?). Still a lot of walking.

A week ago, I was set to go out, and it was raining. I was about ready to turn around and go back to bed when I reminded myself that races happen rain or shine; I might as well start practicing in the rain now. This was one of those huge-drops-you-can-practically-walk-between kind of rains, and it pretty much let up after a quarter-mile in. As with most things, it turned out to be mostly mental. This month has been all about, "I can do that because I've done this."

Zombies, Run! had a satisfying story arc this week, only broken up once by one (kind of dumb) side mission. It did end in a Game of Thrones way, though. Trying not to be spoilery, but like any decent post-apocalyptic storyline, it's in your best interest not to love anyone. Except that you will. Because emotions. To the credit of the writer(s), I struggled with going out on Saturday because I was still sad,* but the following episode worked those feelings into the storyline. But seriously, don't love anyone if you can.**

I do love that in Season Two, you get Base add-ons that reflect the missions. Also Radio Mode (which kicks in after you finish a mission) has an algorithm that adjusts to the day of the week (and even time of day) that you run. It was spooky at first until I began to see the patterns.

The morning weather turned a couple degrees cooler this past weekend so I was able to keep a steady pace for 3 miles instead of just 1.5-2. Commitment to a half-marathon training plan is on the horizon. The kick-off party for that will be 31 July, which will be a nice way to wrap up this challenge.

* I know I'm not really running in a zombie wasteland. That's beside the point.
** I'm relatively secure that Runner 5 won't get killed off. Then again, if they were going to wrap up the game, that would be pretty cool. Just don't do a LOST ending.