Tuesday, August 5, 2014

#July100Miles: Finish Line! (Also My 200th Post!)

I admittedly don't take on challenges that I don't have at least some inkling that I can't complete. That doesn't mean, however, that I take on easy challenges. Otherwise they wouldn't be called challenges.* 100 Miles in one month was definitely doable, but it wasn't easy.

But it is done.

I've mentioned before that I'm not really into streaking.** I had made a few attempts before but nothing like this. After this experience, I'm still not into it. But I can do it. So if I end up choosing a half-marathon training that happens to have me running two days in a row, I'll be okay.

I've done this. I can do that.

My calves are aching in a way that lets me know that I do need to take a rest day (or two). But for the most part, things don't hurt as much as they did. My legs do feel a little more defined, and my waistline is a teeny bit smaller (not that I didn't eat the entire kitchen this month).

Also, because it was a long month, I had the privilege of running every day through not one but two bouts of ugly PMS. It seems to have helped with some of the symptoms. Still have a hair-trigger temper, though (can you imagine what I would be without the running?).

But seriously, between this challenge, an anniversary, a birthday, working at least part of three weekends in a row, and the blasted heat, I'm pretty exhausted. Proud of myself for pushing through but exhausted.

And then I discovered there's an  #August100Miles challenge ...


But maybe you should. When I broke it down into manageable bits (at least 3.22 miles a day), it wasn't that bad. I also used the heck out of Zombies, Run! (so much so that I ran out of the after-mission radio clips). It gave me a focus, and I may do it again next summer if it comes up again.

I should get my belt buckle in mid-August, after which I will attempt an Epic Picture.

But tomorrow, we sleep in.

* What would you call them? Easy-peasies? Shirley? 
** No, not that. This.