Monday, July 7, 2014

#July100Miles : Week One

At 26.7 cumulative miles, I'm officially over the quarter mark for this challenge!

I am beginning to feel it, though. My legs hurt in ways I haven't felt in a long time. Compound that with having the worse days of my cycle, and on the 4th, my daughter backed into one of my toes with a metal chair. I'm telling myself it's not broken--I'm able to walk with no pain and the toe bends fine; it's still a little twingy, though.

I'm finding I could really use a rest day, and I'm hoping that I can bank a few miles with family walks to allow me to do so. But when I start on the half marathon training in earnest, there will be no whining when I have back-to-back running days. If I can do this, I can do that.

Other things I have observed this week:
  • The morning light is shifting again. It's still light by the time I get home around 6:30AM, but less each day. I love connecting with the natural world this way.
  • While I support "wear what you want" in theory, bootie shorts that show off half your cheeks is really, really, really tacky. Doubly so when your butt isn't up to the challenge, so to speak. That just can't be comfortable! (Says the catty old lady. I know.)
  • I thought I knew the funniest joke. Evidently I did not. Thanks to Zombies, Run!, I do now.
  • I also learned about how carrots were used as a propaganda tool in WWII, again thanks to ZR!
  • SPOILERS: also Margaret Atwood cameo!!!
  • In non-ZR news, I'm amused by the toilet in one neighbor's yard and a flock of plastic pink flamingos in another.
All in all, a strong start. Now's the endurance part.