Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#July100Miles : An Auspicious Start

Cranked out 4.81 miles this morning. A little over 3 miles were at a nice steady pace. Walked the last bit, but no shame. With as hot as it was, I'm going to need to carry at least two water bottles.

My general plan is to make at least 3 miles every day, and front load as much as possible to bank for those inevitable times when getting out will be difficult. Tuesdays and sometime during the weekends will need to be longer runs because I may not have the fallback of a family walk to fill in mileage.

Speaking of family walks, we are borrowing a wagon for Little Girl to ride in when she gets tired. She did really well the other night, alternating between pulling and riding. She's been wanting to do a night race with me, and I did see one coming up in October that should be pretty (I hope--I've been disappointed before). I told her that I don't mind walking, but she would have to go the entire 3 miles with me. We could consider this summer our "training."

I know I tend to go too strong at the beginning of pretty much anything. I'm going to have to pace myself to a certain extent to make this goal.