Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Opportunity: Step Out - Walk to Stop Diabetes

I run a lot of races for a lot of different reasons. Mostly it's the experience, but sometimes it's the cause.

This time, it's the cause.

Mom at about 17 years old
 On Saturday, 23 November, my family and I will be participating in Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes. Our team is Mimi's Butterflies, in honor of my mom.

My mom, whose grandchildren called Mimi, was a loving and generous woman. Every Thanksgiving, she set a place at the table for someone who might not otherwise have anyone to share the holiday. She adored all shades of pink and had a thing for butterflies. She also developed Type 2 diabetes later in life and had many health complications. She passed away May 2005, and I miss her every day.

On 23 November, I run for her.

Mom and me (I think I was about 25)
I will also run for family and friends who have diabetes as well--many who have made changes in their lifestyle to control their condition. In a way, I run for myself too--I am well-aware of my genetic inheritance; I started walking (and now running) on a regular basis to maintain mental health and avoid larger health problems.

That's another reason why I chose a butterfly for this outing's symbol. It's not just that my mom loved them (and she did), but I believe in the Butterfly Effect--seemingly small changes can make a big difference.

Here's a little something you can do:

1. You can donate to my page.
2. You can donate to our team.
3. You can join our team--there are two locations in Houston (we will be downtown), but there is also an option to join us "virtually" and walk wherever you are. Butterflies are optional.
4. You can make a little change in your life--go for a walk, give up soda for the day, meditate for 1 minute, make a piece of art ...
5. You can make a little change in someone else's life--read to a child, give someone a ride, bring lunch to someone, listen to a hurting friend ...

Whatever you choose, every flutter of a butterfly's wings counts. Even an "attagirl" is appreciated.

And thank you. Very much.