Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Season Change

A week later, and I'm still feeling post-race let-down. I was a bit directionless for a while. But thanks to Fall finally arriving and a new short-term goal, I'm feeling back on track.

Rather than push forward toward a half right now, I decided to work on my duration. I'm already signed up for a 5K at the beginning of November, and I plan to run that non-stop. I'd like to stretch myself to continuously running a 10K as well, and a Thanksgiving race is perfect for that (added benefit: eating with reduced guilt).

I'm using a free C210K app that just adds time to each run. I know ideally I should be incorporating speed-play, but right now I just like the idea of settling into long, easy, mindless runs for a while. I started this morning at the beginning of week 7 in the program, which is 25 minutes continuous running. Since this app is just a timer rather than using GPS, I didn't get instant feedback. Instead, I merely enjoyed the moment--finding Orion in the sky, letting thoughts ebb and flow, feeling my breath and body regulate itself. Very slow, but very sustainable and renewing.

Yes, a part of me is saying I should push myself more. But after these months of recovery and hard work, I'm glad to return to the joy of running. I'll be training for a half-marathon soon enough.