Saturday, October 12, 2013

It Happens

Defy the Blerch every single day.
Horrid, horrible, icky, terrible attempt at a run today. Just bad. Just plain bad.

I got a hint it wouldn't be the greatest when I noticed how hot it was. When I checked later, it was 77 degrees, 100% humidity; heat index made it feel like 88 degrees.

Tried to keep it slow and steady, despite the distraction of many dogs out and my Luna in a social mood. Lots of folks doing landscape as well, which translates into Leafblowers Are Scary to Large White Wolfdogs.

At about mile 2, after dog spooked yet again and I felt vaguely like vomiting, I decided to check how much time I had left before cool down. Turns out my app had turned off in mid-workout. At that point, I just gave up and walked the last mile home.

The first inclination, of course, is to wallow in FAIL. Maybe it's that I've had to deal with a lot of butthurt this week, but I just didn't see the point in beating myself up. My body knows the mileage, and everybody has a bad run now and again. The point is to lace up and go again.

And maybe program Runkeeper instead of using the app. Where there's a will, there's a hack.