Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where Do We Go from Here

I thought this was the end.

With Facebook's new page policies, I'm not getting much exposure unless I want to pay for it. I started seeing this as an opportunity to let this project die a natural death. I've accepted that running is now part of my landscape. Getting out to log 2-3 miles at least three times a week is part of the schedule. I don't think about it--I just go. I think that I've finally accepted that I'm about as fast as I'm going to get. Until I get older and/or large portions of the population die off, I'm not going to be up for an age award any time soon. Finishing has to be the thing I focus on.

I still love the costume thing, but I'm finding a need for that less and less. I was going to do a super cute unicorn for the Awesome 80s Run, but that was cancelled due to lack of participation. I'll still do the WW thing from time, but I don't need it all the time now. (I do want to go cute, though. And wear tutus.)

For the sake of our budget, I've been cutting back on races. I did a 10K in February and a 5K in April, but I have to admit that I'm disappointed in my performance for each. The 5K I did in May, however, was really, really fun in terms of extras, and my performance was ... acceptable. I've tossed my hat in the Houston Half Marathon lottery; if I don't get picked, I'll volunteer again. 

Looks like this is the end, right?

Except ...

Except that I'm finishing Season 1 of Zombies, Run! and am probably going to dive headfirst into Seasons 2 and 3. Instead of binge-watching, I'm binge-running for the story (and to build my base). I want a place to share my head cannon.

Except that Enell is starting an Ambassador Program. I would have never started running--never even considered it possible--had it not been for this sports bra. I already sing their praises as much as I can; to do it officially would be an honor!

Except that I like the discipline of writing. Except I like a space to discuss the geek approach to fitness and body-acceptance. Except that I've met amazing soul friends because of this blog. Except that, for unknown reasons, people have started running because this overweight, fortysomething she-nerd gets up, suits up, and goes.

I really did think this was the end.

For a girl who reads comic books, I really should know better.