Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November in Review

Miles covered: 58.9

Firefly Run
Step Out - Walk to Stop Diabetes
TXU Energy Turkey Trot

How I See Myself Doing Yoga
(Your reality may vary.)
Even though I had a couple of not-great race experiences this past month, I see myself leveling up a bit as a runner. I'm able to run for 60 minutes without a walk break (slow and steady; no speed records yet). I've incorporated weight work and yoga into my schedule, and I'm seeing how much more supported my runs are. The next step is going to be adding some speed play and longer distances; a decent half-marathon training should do that (suggestions welcome!).

I've made my yearly goal of 500 miles with change, even with being grounded in early summer.

5Ks are now "quick outings" and routine. I'm endeavoring to do the same with 10Ks. I had intended to run one this weekend for my birthday; a funeral came up, and, well, some things are just more important than races. I had hoped to get a Christmas-themed race in during December, but my work schedule isn't leaving me much room for the races that I had wanted to do. I do have a silly 5K on the 14th. And there's always that slender, slender chance that I'll be able to do the half on New Year's Day.

For the most part, I will try to embrace an Advent way of running--prepare and be present.

In the meantime, if anyone is still wondering what to get me for my birthday or Christmas, I love race registrations.