Saturday, September 21, 2013

Finishing 10 Miler Training

Forgive my silence please. I have written and rewritten entries, but I've not be satisfied with my results. I've mostly been trying to shake my negativity. I figure it's a cocktail of insomnia, hormones, work stress, home stress, and possibly training fatigue. I just haven't been into it the past couple weeks. Had I not already paid my race fees and put in the training, I probably would have quit.

But I finished an 8 mile run this morning (maybe 8.5 mile, give or take--my GPS was drunk). This may have been a mistake, as I am super tired and sore this afternoon, but I'm afraid my self-doubt would have been even more crippling. I was mostly able to keep up 10/5 intervals. The 10 minutes of running seemed to work since I was able to settle into a pace for long enough that I wasn't screaming. The 5 minutes of walking was long enough that resentment didn't set in but short enough that I didn't stay in the walk mode for too long. (Running Momma thinks I can shorten this to 3 minutes, and I think she's probably right.) I played the Can't Drinking Game (every time my brain started in on negative thinking, I took a sip of water) as well as popped Scooby Snacks along the way (aka some kind of Gatorade energy gels thingies I got in a Stride Box). All in all, it took about 02:10 to finish. While I still think a DFL is possible, I'm having much more confidence that I'm going to finish this sucker.

Next week is Taper Week, and I'm going into it in a better place. My Euphemism will be done. The plan, for the most part, is catch up on sleep, short easy runs, and yoga.

Beyond that, I'm really not sure about my plans. I have one 5K I've signed up for in November that should just be fun. I'd like to repeat the race that was my first 5K, but I haven't seen sign ups for it yet. December has possibilities, but I need to pin a few things down first.

And then there's that longing for the 13.1 magnet for my car ...