Friday, June 21, 2013

Morning Walk OR Almost There

IMAG1741I'm trying to get some consistency back to my walking (as my doctor had suggested). I managed to get out three times this week.

Today the goal was to get back to at least three miles. It took me just short of an hour, but I stopped a lot just to look around. I watched a hawk circle higher and higher. At the pocket park, battalions of dragonflies were  hunting mosquitoes. The creek had some of the most amazing orange flowers, and the frogs were singing--or yelling (I couldn't tell which). All these reminders that summer is officially here.

I dawdled to let Luna sniff a bit as well. I noticed that Luna's tail is a great indicator of her emotional state by the way the tip curls and straightens. She is much more cautious around strange people and dogs than our Bella (who's everyone's friend, true to her Lab nature). She also got spooked pretty badly by a garbage truck.

All this to say that I really want to get back to completing 5Ks--at any pace. My heart wants to run, but I will take anything I can at this point.